Camping is a timeless and beloved activity that, unfortunately, can get a little miserable in the heart of summer.

Folks have been enduring the sweltering summer months for years to be able to enjoy a memorable camping experience…but now you can beat the heat with a bevy of portable fans for camping!

Read on for our top picks on the best portable fans for all sorts of camping–from tent to car to hammock camping, with various speeds, budget options, and more.

A portable fan for camping on tripod legs.A portable fan for camping on tripod legs.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall:
Ryobi 18 Volt Portable Fan

Budget Option:
REENUO Battery Powered Camping Fan

Most Versatile:
FRIZCOL Stroller Fan

Best Overall

Ryobi 18 Volt Portable Fan

Ryobi 18-Volt ONE+ Hybrid Portable Fan(P3320) with P163 Lithium-Ion Battery(2.00Ah) and ChargerRyobi 18-Volt ONE+ Hybrid Portable Fan(P3320) with P163 Lithium-Ion Battery(2.00Ah) and Charger

When it comes to choosing the best of the best portable fan for your camping trip, there are a lot of different features you might be looking for. In addition to the obvious–a portable fan that keeps you cool–you may be on the hunt for a fan that has different speed settings. Some folks also want a bit of white noise while camping to drown out the unfamiliar sounds away from home.

Other features that can make for the ideal portable fan for camping are a durable, yet lightweight and compact, option. No one wants to have to worry about lugging a giant fan in their camping gear or adding more weight than they can handle onto their load!

The Ryobi 18 Volt Portable Fan checks all of these necessary boxes and more. This fantastic pickweighs in at less than three pounds and sits at a compact 11.5 by 11 inches–perfect for packing it to, and carrying it around, your campsite. Its hook apparatus makes this a great portable fan for hanging in tents or standing up on the ground, on a picnic table, etc.

In addition, the Ryobi 18 Volt Portable Fan offers two separate speeds. The lower speed makes for great cooling in tents of all sizes, as well as white noise generation at night. Meanwhile, the higher speed can be used to beat the heat in the heart of summer, cool down a whole group, and keep insects away.

Due to its sturdy make and versatility, the Ryobi 18 Volt is among the more expensive options for camping fans.

This fan’s standard electrical charging plug may not be compatible with many camping power banks or car ports. With this in mind, you may have to purchase and charge multiple batteries before you set off on your camping adventure.

This fan also does not have any misting options, which may be a detriment for folks who are looking to stay both cool and damp during their camping adventure.


  • Compact and easy to carry
  • A very powerful portable fan
  • 90 degree rotation allows use on horizontal surfaces or hanging from hook
  • Built to be long lasting


  • Fan’s charging plug may not be compatible with many camping power banks or car ports
  • One of the more expensive options for camping fans
  • Does not have any misting options

Budget Option

REENUO Battery Powered Camping Fan

REENUO Portable Camping Fan, Small Tent Fan with Hanging Hook, 40 Working Hours Rechargeable USB Battery Fan with LED Lights for Desk, Bedroom, Travel & Emergency KitREENUO Portable Camping Fan, Small Tent Fan with Hanging Hook, 40 Working Hours Rechargeable USB Battery Fan with LED Lights for Desk, Bedroom, Travel & Emergency Kit

Camping can be a hot, sweaty venture, which can make or break the enjoyment of the whole endeavor for some folks. But portable fans for camping can also be expensive…and with the cost of the other camping gear you need, you may not have the space in your budget to invest in a high cost fan.

Luckily, there are great budget options like the REENUO Battery Powered Camping Fan to bridge the gap! This small fan packs a big punch when it comes to air circulation and cooling your tent. The REENUO Battery Powered Camping Fan boasts three speeds, a hook that allows you to hang it anywhere in your tent or camping rig, and easy packing among the rest of your gear.

This fan can be stored in backpacks, duffle bags, emergency kits, and more.

With a fan like the REENUO Portable Fan, you no longer have to choose between staying cool on a camping trip or breaking the bank. You can rig this little fan up anywhere and enjoy a refreshing cooldown at any time, day or night, during your camping trip.

Some downsides to consider are that this fan is best used for small tents, meant for one or two people. Some consumers have reported issues with getting the REENUO fan to hold a charge, particularly on the maximum setting. Charging can also take quite a bit of time, with some chargers not seating properly in the fan’s charging port.


  • Quite a powerful fan given its size and pricing
  • Easily portable due to its size and overall design.
  • Doubles as a night light with its built-in bulb


  • Does not cool large tents well
  • Reported issues with getting the fan to hold a charge
  • Charging can take a while, some chargers don’t seat properly in charging port

Most Versatile

FRIZCOL Portable Stroller Fan

FRIZCOL Stroller Fan for Baby - Portable Fan Rechargeable - Battery Operated Fan(Use for 30Hrs) - Fan for Handheld/Clip On/Car Seat/Desk/CampingFRIZCOL Stroller Fan for Baby - Portable Fan Rechargeable - Battery Operated Fan(Use for 30Hrs) - Fan for Handheld/Clip On/Car Seat/Desk/Camping

When considering the best portable fans for camping, a stroller fan, of all things, might not be the first product that comes to mind. But we’re here to tell you that the FRIZCOL Portable Stroller Fan does, in fact, make an excellent camping fan option for folks who aren’t quite sure how they’ll want to use their fan. It’s also great for those who plan to camp in many different ways!

As opposed to a sturdy stand or tent hook, the FRIZCOL Portable Stroller Fan boasts three bendable legs that allow it to be set up in all kinds of places. Whether that’s wrapped around a tent pole, hung from a tree branch, attached to an RV awning, etc., this little fan can meet all of your fan placement needs.

Designed with versatility and dynamism in mind, the FRIZCOL Portable Stroller Fan can be used in any number of camping setups, from various tents to hammock camping to picnic table and tree attachments, and more. It’s easily portable with a low weight and maneuverable design and perfect for all types of gear and for campers of all ages to use.

It should be noted this fan doesn’t generate a lot of white noise, so this portable fan is not ideal for folks looking to drown out the sounds of the campground or nature while they sleep. The flexibility also makes this fan less sturdy and durable than some of the other picks on this list.

But if you’re a camper who likes versatility in their camping styles or simply the flexibility to use their fan in multiple ways, the FRIZCOL Portable Stroller Fan might be the perfect addition to your camping gear.


  • Versatile design for lots of uses
  • Appropriate for use by campers of all ages


  • Doesn’t generate much white noise
  • Less sturdy and durable than other picks on this list

COLEMAN Lighted Tent Fan

Coleman CPX Lighted Tent Fan with StandColeman CPX Lighted Tent Fan with Stand

Sometimes, you may not be looking for any bells or whistles when it comes to choosing a portable fan for camping. You just want one that’s family friendly, works well in your tent, and maybe doubles for outdoor use–one that you can trust and use dependably for many camping adventures.

For those looking for the simple and straightforward portable fan option, the COLEMAN Lighted Tent Fan, with its accompanying fold-out stand, might just be the best pick for you!

This tent fan comes with a built-in light with two settings. It has a brighter light for navigating the tent, playing games, or reading after dark, and a dimmer light to serve as a night light. It’s also durable and quiet, making it a top choice for many years of use.

This is a very friendly family portable fan, with dual light settings and soft blades that keep little fingers safe from harm. But while the lack of a cover grill does increase air flow speed, it does run the risk of tempting those little fingers, or of hair getting tangled in the blades if left unsupervised.

This fan can be hung from the tent supports or perched on its fold out stand for easy use both inside and outside of the tent. Best of all, it comes with the COLEMAN name behind it…a trustworthy behemoth of the outdoor gear world, so you know you’ll be getting a quality product that does what it’s meant to!


  • Soft blades keep fingers safe
  • Made by a trustworthy and reliable brand
  • Durable and quiet


  • Batteries not included
  • No cover grill

Portable Fan Buyer’s Guide

A portable fan in an RV.A portable fan in an RV.

Consider Where You Will Be Camping

Portable fans can do more than just keep you cool. They can also help reduce insect presence in your campsite! This can be particularly useful if you are camping near water. In addition, your camping location can have other impacts on choosing the best portable fan.

You will need to consider noise policies and the nearness of other campsites when choosing a fan that might run loud or clunky. Also, be sure to take into account things like sand that may be kicked up by the use of your fan.

If camping in rainy locations, you may want to invest in a durable fan with built in protection from the elements, just in case it should be exposed to water.

You may also find that in certain campgrounds, you will prefer more or less white noise, depending on if you want to keep an ear open for activity or block out all the noises of nature and your fellow campers. In this case, a fan with varying speed levels and white noise can be useful.

Consider When You Will Be Camping

If you’re camping in the heart of summertime, you may find that you need a maximum strength portable fan to keep cool in your tent or campsite. On the other hand, if you plan to camp early in the spring or closer to fall, a lower powered fan could be a better fit for you.

With many portable fans boasting various speeds, this can also affect the charge time. You may be able to get by on a single charge for a whole camping trip during cooler times of the year, but in the dog days of summer, multiple recharges might be necessary for your portable fan.

Consider Charging Access During Your Camping Trip

Some portable fans for camping can be charged easily via a camping power pack or the USB or other charging ports in your car. However, even then, certain portable fans may drain excess power from a power pack, leaving you stranded with your other charging needs.

Before you purchase a portable fan for camping, be sure to consider the power charging access you will have during your trip. If it’s limited, you might consider a fan with a longer lasting charge, or with various charging options or multiple interchangeable batteries.

Consider How Much You Can Carry

Portable fans for camping vary greatly in size and weight. Some weigh only a couple of pounds and are easily toted along on just about any camping venture. Others can weigh upwards of twenty pounds, and while they’re heavy-duty enough to cool off a whole campsite, they’re only transportable a short distance from a car to a campsite.

You will need to consider how much weight you can spare for your portable fan. This will vary depending on whether you’re backpacking, going to a walk-in site, or camping right next to your car.

Wrapping Up Portable Fans for Keeping Your Tent Cool

Closeup view of a fan.Closeup view of a fan.

Feeling prepared to purchase the best portable fan to keep your tent cool? That’s just one piece of the camping gear puzzle to consider!

Be sure to check out the rest of our Camping Gear guides for insights and guidance on other items that will help make your camping experience memorable in all the best ways.

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