Camping in Texas can be an intense affair…especially considering the heat. Luckily, there are more options available than pitching a tent and hoping for the best.

Whether you’re a Texas local looking to see more of the state or someone looking for the best places in Texas to explore, cabin camping is a great option.

Let’s go over the best destinations for cabin camping in Texas!

A luxurious bedroom in a cabin. Best camping cabins in Texas.A luxurious bedroom in a cabin. Best camping cabins in Texas.

Best Family Cabin Camping in Texas

Brazos River Hideout

You can find some of the best cabin camping in Texas right here along the Brazos River.

There are two lodging options available to you at Brazos River Hideout: the cabin and the lodge.

The cabin sleeps up to four people.

You’ll have access to amenities like a full kitchen, private bathroom and shower, air conditioning (don’t try to be tough, camping purists. This is Texas. You need the air conditioning), a charcoal grill, and even Wi-Fi.

The lodge is best for bigger families or a multi-family vacation. You could even host events with your friend group, such as a bachelor or bachelorette party!

The lodge sleeps up to 15 people, though again, you can squeeze in more if you need to! Just be prepared for a crowded cabin.

If you’re not planning to stay overnight—or to only have a select few stay over—the outdoor area around the lodge can host up to 50 people at once. You can sit around the fire pit or fire ring, hang out in the beer garden, or put a movie on the outdoor TV!

There’s even an outdoor kitchen that includes an ice machine.

The lodge itself includes many of the same amenities as the cabin, with the addition of a second story and heating!

This means the lodge is a great place to go in any season and any weather—rain, snow, or shine, you’re all set.

Both the lodge and the cabin are advertised as accessible, though you may want to call to ensure they will meet your specific needs before booking.

The lodge is also pet friendly.

Colorado Bend Cabins

Colorado Bend cabins are a great choice if you’ve always wanted to visit the Colorado River, but don’t live close to any part of the river. Even if you’re a Bend local, you can’t pass up this opportunity to stay right beside the river!

Colorado Bend offers four separate cabins: White, Blue, Red, and Green. The cabins are nearly identical, with minor differences; for instance, the White and Blue cabins are outfitted with a queen bed and an XL twin bed each, while the Red and Green cabins have a king bed and an XL twin.

Other than that, the amenities across all cabins are the same: air conditioning, a microwave and fridge, a private shower and bathroom, and Wi-Fi access.

The cabins are also pet friendly, though there is a weight limit. If your pet exceeds 75 pounds, they won’t be able to come along on the cabin excursion!

There is also a pet fee if you plan to bring your furry friend along.

While these cabins only sleep up to four people, they can’t be beaten in terms of location. They’re riverfront cabins, which means you can step outside and find yourself greeted by the Colorado River first thing in the morning!

Walnut Canyon Cabins

If you’re itching for more of a “glamping” experience for your Texas cabin camping, the Walnut Canyon Cabins are for you!

These cabins offer a hybrid experience between hotel and camping. You get all the comforts of the hotel—free breakfast, housekeeping, and even complimentary bathrobes!—with the atmosphere of cabin camping.

The best part? Your kids can stay for absolutely no cost to you.

Each cabin comes outfitted with air conditioning, full kitchens, and a private shower.

Depending on which cabin you book, you may have access to either a private deck or a rooftop terrace that will give you utterly unbeatable views.

There is a population of deer near the cabins that are not afraid of humans—the cabins include a stock of corn you can use to feed them!

If you have kids who tend to get their clothes dirty faster than you can keep up with, no worries—there are a few cabins you can book that have a washer and dryer available.

You can choose between cabins that have queen or king beds. The two outfitted with king beds also have a couple extra luxuries available to you, including a hot tub and an electric fireplace!

Scavenger Hunt Cabin

If you’re looking for a more rustic experience for your Texas cabin camping trip, look no further than the Scavenger Hunt Cabin!

The Scavenger Hunt Cabin is located near Smith County, specifically Lindale and Tyler.

While this cabin is still outfitted with modern amenities such as air conditioning, a fridge, and Wi-Fi access, it does not offer a full kitchen. There is a grill and a microwave.

This cabin is perfect for families; it’s not only stocked to the brim with board games, puzzles, and coloring books, it also comes with instructions for its namesake.

There’s a map waiting for you inside. It’ll guide you on a curated scavenger hunt that helps you explore the property!

The cabin is also stocked with a multitude of movies and popcorn for a woodsy movie night.

There’s a wood-burning fireplace inside for an extra helping of cozy cabin atmosphere.

While the listing suggests that no more than five people can fit comfortably inside, the cabin has a queen bed, a queen air mattress, a double roll-away bed, and a futon available to sleep on. You could easily fit more than five people if needed; though the cabin itself might be a bit tight, there are plenty of sleeping arrangements available!

Log Country Cove Cabin

The Log Country Cove Cabin is a Texas cabin camping destination best for a large family, or multiple families vacationing together. It can sleep up to twenty people comfortably!

We’re dipping back into the luxury side of Texas cabin camping with this one, but there are plenty of rustic outdoor activities to take part in as well. Located near Burnet County, it’s not a far trek to reach either the Colorado River in one direction or Longhorn Cavern State Park in the other!

This gorgeous cabin comes with five bedrooms and bathrooms split between the cabin itself and the bunkhouse, a full kitchen, a laundry room, and lake access.

Yes, that’s right—a bunkhouse! If you want to keep the main house a bit quieter for the adults, you can let the kids sleep in the bunkhouse, which is just outside the cabin itself.

There’s also some fun activities for the kids outdoors, such as a tree house they can explore, a swingset, and a volleyball pit!

Best Texas Cabin Camping for Couples

Wild Ram Log Cabin

If you’re a couple looking for a romantic getaway without all the city buzz, the Wild Ram Log Cabin offers some of the best cabin camping in Texas for couples.

While more rustic than some other cabins on this list, it’s still fairly modern and comes with a slew of luxury amenities: a hot tub, complimentary bottles of wine, and even a dry sauna!

This tranquil cabin is located near Fredericksburg, but even if you’re not local, it’s well worth the trip.

No pets allowed in this cabin!

Poppy’s Pointe Resort

While Poppy’s Pointe also has plenty of options for families, it makes the list of cabin camping in Texas for couples because of one specific offering: its Honeymoon Cabin!

The Honeymoon Cabin has a queen bed, a full kitchen, and Wi-Fi access. Also, if you want to bring your pets along, good news—it’s pet friendly!

Unfortunately, it’s missing some of the amenities many people look for when Texas cabin camping…including the Holy Grail: air conditioning.

However, the upside to Poppy’s Pointe is its myriad outdoor activities—you may not be spending much time indoors, anyway!

Poppy’s Pointe offers access to an arcade, a pool, paddleboats, kayaking, and more!

Bending Oaks Ranch

Bending Oaks Ranch is a unique Texas cabin camping destination for one reason: you can only stay if you’re over 21 years old!

This means you can expect a quiet, adults-only stay in whichever cabin you choose.

There are two cabins available at Bending Oaks: the Rustic Cabin and the Upgraded Cabin. The Rustic Cabin sleeps four; the Upgraded Cabin sleeps two.

If you’re a couple looking for your own private getaway, the Upgraded Cabin is your best bet. If you and another couple are going on this trip together, or you simply need more space, the Rustic Cabin is a viable choice.

The Rustic Cabin offers air conditioning and electricity, but no kitchen, no bathroom, and no shower.

The Upgraded Cabin has air conditioning and electricity as well. While there isn’t a full kitchen, it does have a mini fridge. There’s also a private bathroom but no shower.

Neither cabin is pet-friendly.

Ranch 3232

Ranch 3232 has some fascinating options for cabin camping, including two studio cabins: the Lazy Daze and the Stargazer.

The Stargazer Cabin is the happy medium between rustic and modern. There isn’t a full kitchen, but there is a kitchenette, including a mini fridge, a microwave, and a stovetop. Air conditioning is also available. You’ll find a single queen bed waiting for you.

This cabin is also pet-friendly!

The Lazy Daze is almost identical to the Stargazer; however, it comes outfitted with an easy chair in addition to the queen bed. It’s also accessible, while the Stargazer is not.

Texas Cabin Camping FAQ

What do I need to bring on my Texas cabin camping trip?

If you’re staying in a cabin without air conditioning but with electricity, we highly recommend bringing fans—yes, fans, plural!

Camping in Texas heat is no joke, especially if you’re not accustomed to it. Better to be safe than sorry. You don’t want to be sweating your entire trip!

Also be sure to check if your cabin includes linens, such as bedsheets, pillowcases, and towels. Some do, but others don’t. If your cabin happens to be one of the ones that doesn’t, you’ll need to make sure you pack them yourself.

Pack the Car for Cabin Camping in Texas!

A camping cabin in Texas.A camping cabin in Texas.

Texas is a beautiful place, and because of its broad span, different locations can show vastly different examples of that beauty. You can go to two of these cabin camping destinations and have two completely different experiences. Whichever one you choose, you’re sure to have the adventure of a lifetime!

For more cabin camping destinations, visit our Cabin Camping page now!

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